3 Big Reasons to Stay Positive in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lean Caffeine - 24 Mar 2020

3 Big Reasons to Stay Positive in the Coronavirus Pandemic

I wanted to write this message to provide hope. It’s so easy to get sucked into a vortex of despair with all that is happening around us with this pandemic. Financial worries, worries about elderly relatives and putting up with the kids 24/7 (-:

Here are 3 big reasons to stay positive

1. The Environment is winning!

– Pollution has dropped to record lows. The only other time we may have experienced air as clean as this was when they grounded planes after 9/11. Walk outside and enjoy the clean air. Nature is loving us at the moment.

– The canals in Venice have gone clear, so much so you can now see the fish!

2. Community Spirit is alive and well and people are coming together like never before:

– Volunteers are working hard in every neighbourhood to deliver food and medicines to elderly people.

– Families are uniting and growing closer.
– People are speaking to their friends more – even if it is over video calls. We recently downloaded the app House Party and had a virtual mothers day dinner (we dropped the food over and then ate together over the airways).

– Kids are being creative and learning new skills like drawing, science experimentation and dancing. I plan to spend an hour teaching my daughters business skills. Most of us will never have an opportunity like this ever again.

– We can also pause now and take stock of our lives. Have a think about what you really want from life and make plans to make it happen when the pandemic is over. Out of every adversity there is opportunity.

3. Help is just around the corner.

– Scientists are working 24/7 on treatments (see below for the latest WHO tests). These should come online before the vaccines are ready and free up hospital beds quicker than ever before (plus save lives):

– Other scientists are working on the elusive vaccine that some believe could be ready in 12 months time. See below for some more promising developments:

– There is a light at the end of the tunnel and what we do now will stand us in good stead for any future pandemics that may arise. Us humans thrive under adversity!

Finally please take a listen to the following words of hope from @BroRichard that he shared with on the @VanessaOnAir Breakfast Show that brought a tear to my eye:

Take care guys and please heed the Government and NHS guidelines.

Love and Peace.


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