Chill Out with these 5 Supplements

Jamie Sukroo - 5 Nov 2020

Chill Out with these 5 Supplements

In these crazy pandemic times we all need a little help to stave off stress. Whether it be the stress of reduced income, sick relatives or losing contact with loved ones.

Below are 5 supplements I take (and recommend) to chill out and relieve stress:

  1. CBD Oil – I did a blog on this not long ago regarding why you should consider taking CBD (along with the health benefits). I take this one – 0.2ml in the morning and another 0.2ml at lunch time. I like the company as they own the whole process from farm to bottle and have strict quality controls. It’s a real nice calm and soothing effect that flattens out any stress in a jiffy. Start off low and small and work your way up. You will be chilled in no time. For those of you lucky enough to live in a country where cannabis is legal for recreational use – check out our blog on that here. Stick to a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio and the upsides in terms of health and mental well being will be very likely.  Just beware that if you have a history of mental illness it is not advisable to start taking drugs with THC in it without first speaking to your medical practitioner.
  2. Magnesium  – magnesium is one of my favourite before bed-time supplements to ensure a great night’s sleep. I take 10 sprays of this one (5 on each arm rubbed in) directly before bed. At the start your arms may burn until you get used to it – but persist for deep calming sleep! I have recently read that Magnesium Citrate (specifically) is very good for calming the nerves and muscles. We plan to release a Liposomal (at least 3x more potent than standard supplements) version of Magnesium Citrate very soon. So stay tuned!
  3. Chamomile Tea – If you want a hot calming beverage any time of the day – brew up a chamomile tea. It’s an acquired taste but Novus do a truly awesome tea bag which has lemongrass and rose petals in it. I absolutely love this tea. It won a great taste 3-star award so don’t just take my word for it. You can buy Novus Citrus Chamomile Tea on Amazon via this link.
  4. Saffron – This is another herb that I take to help with sleep that has very calming properties. It’s a mild anti-depressant so please speak with your doctor before taking and start off with a low dose. Also choose a very high quality saffron as some can be inferior. I was lucky enough to get some Iranian saffron from a friend who travelled to work there briefly. Afghan saffron is also highly regarded and top notch Spanish saffron too. This one on Amazon looks good as they have had it certified by an institute in Brussels. I steep 4-6 strands in hot water for 5 minutes in mid afternoon before watering down and necking like a shot! Great sleep and gives you a mellow feeling.
  5. Reishi Mushroom Extract – Think of reishi as nature’s Xanax. Its calming properties come from compounds called triterpenes, which reishi has a load of. Triterpenes may alleviate anxiety, ease depression, encourage better sleep and sharpen focus, too. We are currently working on a mushroom coffee incorporating our ground clean coffee with 4 EU Organic mushroom extracts (including Reishi). Stay tuned for this in the coming weeks!
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