Coffee 30mins Before Exercise is Best

Jamie Sukroo - 26 Mar 2021

Coffee 30mins Before Exercise is Best

I just read an article in Science Focus that was very intriguing:

The article details a small study where participants were given a strong espresso (3mg/kg of caffeine) 30 minutes before intense exercise or a placebo.

The study participants who drank the strong espresso burned more fat during the exercise sessions than those on the placebo. Interestingly – the effects were increased if the exercise session took place in the afternoon as opposed to the morning!

My takeaways from this research:

1. Schedule your exercise sessions to take place early afternoon (to allow for the caffeine to dissipate before bed time). I would start exercising 12-1pm.

2. Drink a very strong espresso before exercising. You could select our super high caffeine coffee but beware it’s strong stuff!

3. I would choose high intensity interval training as the exercise to maximise human growth hormone (HGH) which will also burn even more fat . Just try not to eat for 1-2 hours afterwards to maximise the HGH.

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