Consider these 4 Supplements

Jamie Sukroo - 16 Nov 2018

Consider these 4 Supplements

After seeing the recent Horizon program on Vitamins and Supplements ( and reading various articles in New Scientist ( I’ve changed my tune on vitamins and supplements.

To summarise Horizon and New Scientist:

1. Antioxidants (A, C, E etc.) in supplement form (ok in foods) do more harm then good when taken at high doses. They can even slightly increase mortality rates!

2. Most people get enough vitamins from their diet except for a few exceptions like Vitamin D (and I would add magnesium).

With this in mind – I’ve ditched most of my vitamins and supplements apart from these handful below (I don’t get paid by BetterYou but find their products great to use).

The 4 Supplements I recommend:

1. Vitamin D3/K2 (Betteryou DLux+ spray with Vitamin K2) – A high proportion of people are deficient in vitamin D especially in the winter months. The best course of action is to go outside in the morning for a few hours, but in winter this may not be helpful if you are wearing a jacket and trousers as the D needs to be absorbed through your skin. I take a spray into my inside cheek. D3 and K2 also work synergistically to shuttle calcium out of your arteries and into your bones (preventing calcification of your arteries and reducing the risk of heart disease).

2. Magnesium (Betteryou Sensitive Magnesium) – Just like Vitamin D, many people are also deficient in magnesium. As discussed in a previous blog taking 6 or more sprays massaged into your skin before bedtime will help you sleep better at night which is the foundation of good health.

3. Superba Red Krill Oil – Unless you eat 3-4 servings of oily fish like Salmon, Mackerel, or Anchovies every week you may be deficient in omega 3. Omega 3 is good for your heart and is also an anti-inflammatory. Krill oil is a more bio-available and fresh source of Omega 3 and is a more environmentally sustainable source (only 1-2% of the entire population of krill is harvested each year). I take krill because my overall mood is better when I take it (I’ve stopped before and had a slump).

4. High Strength B Complex (Altrient B Liposomal) – To say that this tastes bad is a severe understatement! It’s definitely one of those things your grandmother mentioned as “if it tastes bad it must be good for you!”. If you can get it down your kneck you will definitely feel the affects. The B Vitamins give you energy, support memory and brain function (some studies show increased B Vitamins as reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s), and contribute to healthy hair, nails and skin. The reason I take it every day is to reduce my risk of getting Alzheimer’s later in life.

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