Go Black and Never Go Back!

Jamie Sukroo - 11 Jul 2019

Go Black and Never Go Back!

I often get asked by customers whether I use Ghee or Butter in my coffee and why we don’t sell MCT Oil.

The truth is I don’t use Butter, Ghee or MCT oil in my coffee during or after my fast. I haven’t done so for over 6 months now and I find I get into Ketosis (fat burning mode) much quicker.

Before I embarked on the intermittent fasting journey I enjoyed my coffee black – either as an espresso or as a black Americano coffee (espresso topped up with hot water). It took me a while to wean myself off milk based coffees but it didn’t take as long as I thought. I now love black coffee as you get to taste all the flavour components in the coffee.

I guess what I’m saying here – is that I recommend doing your intermittent fasting in 2 phases:

Phase 1 (starting out):
Add MCT Oil and Butter or Ghee to your coffee and blend it up for the full “Bulletproof Coffee” experience. This helps you initially by giving you an energy boost and the MCT will initially kick start your body into burning fat.

Phase 2 (after 2-3 months):
Ditch the MCT Oil and Butter/Ghee and drink your coffee black for the full intermittent fasting experience. This way you will enter Ketosis quicker and remain in it for longer before breaking your fast at lunch time.

What works for me now:
I personally wake and have a double espresso of the Lean Caffeine Nicaragua coffee.

I then take the dog for a walk and around an hour later have a Lean Caffeine Nespresso.

Later in the morning I have another Lean Caffeine Nicaragua espresso.

I then stop drinking coffee and have lunch around 16-18 hours after the previous night’s dinner. Then I stop eating after lunch and don’t eat until dinner time again.

Of course all of this is personal and if you feel that the MCT + Butter/Ghee combo is working for you then stick with it. I’m just giving you another choice and letting you know it is possible to do an intermittent fast on black coffee alone.

After a few weeks it’s easy and your bank balance is a bit healthier too not having to fork out for expensive MCT oil!

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