How Bulletproof Coffee Helps with Weight Loss

Jamie Sukroo - 5 Jun 2020

How Bulletproof Coffee Helps with Weight Loss

Most people drinking Bulletproof Coffee (clean coffee blended with C8 MCT Oil and Ghee) do so for the health benefits of drinking “clean coffee” free of mould toxins (mycotoxins).

Our coffee goes one step further by not only testing for mycotoxins but also pesticides and heavy metals (which can also be present in coffee).

One of the pleasant side effects of drinking Bulletproof coffee as part of an intermittent fast is that you can achieve your ideal weight relatively quickly. The weight loss benefits of Bulletproof Coffee can be summarised by looking at the different ingredients in a Bulletproof Coffee:

  1. Mycotoxin Free Coffee (Clean Coffee):
    1. A very recent May 2020 scientific study (reviewing data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, organised by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States) concluded that “…Women who drink two or three cups of coffee a day have been found to have lower total body and abdominal fat than those who drink less..”. You can read about this study and it’s results via this link.
    2. Coffee provides Polyphenols (including chlorogenic acid) to feed the “lean promoting” bacteria in your gut to help them to multiply. These bacteria called Bacteroidetes are the type of gut bacteria found more frequently in lean people.
    3. Clean coffee also gives you a mental boost (via the caffeine) and lets you down gently afterwards rather than the coffee crash you can experience in other coffees containing mould toxins, pesticides and or heavy metals. If you feel alert, and don’t come crashing down afterwards, you are less likely to reach for sugary and/or fatty snacks which help stack on the weight.
  2. C8 MCT Oil:
    1. MCT Oil (especially the C8 type) suppresses your gut bacteria’s attempts to store extra fat and pushes your body into a state of “Ketosis” (you are burning fat for energy instead of sugar/glucose). MCT Oil provides a more bio-available form of energy than other oils. You become leaner and healthier and have more energy throughout the morning!
    2. MCT Oil is great to take before a workout as you can go harder and last longer (sounds like a viagra advert!). I love taking it before High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions as I always go harder and feel like I have expended much more energy afterwards. This of course aids weight loss as you are promoting Human Growth Hormone via the HIIT session and expending more energy.
  3. Grass Fed Ghee:
    1. Ghee helps to ward off the extreme hunger associated with intermittent fasting. It has very low levels of casein (lower than butter and much lower than milk). This means most people can tolerate it OK (even those who are lactose intolerant).
    2. Ghee also ensures that the fat fighting polyphenols in the coffee (mentioned above) are easily absorbed by your body (casein in milk reduces the availability of coffee polyphenols by up to 3.4 times!).
    3. Lastly – the butyric acid in Ghee helps to heal your gut and when you have a healthy gut you are performing at your optimum rather than feeling sluggish. Workouts become easier, you are naturally more active, and you are less likely to overeat as you already feel energetic.
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