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Jamie Sukroo - 4 Feb 2019

Why Exercise Sucks for Weight Loss & Don’t Fall for This!

I read a great article from New Scientist the other day detailing why the calories in / calories out equation is flawed (at least...

Lean Caffeine - 3 Feb 2019

Look After Your Second Brain!

Last time we chatted we introduced the topic of your second brain – the bacteria in your stomach that have many health promoting functions...

Jamie Sukroo - 2 Feb 2019

Your Second Brain

Scientists are only just beginning to understand the important role your stomach (and the bacteria contained within) play. Scientists are now calling it your...

Jamie Sukroo - 1 Feb 2019

Does Bulletproof Coffee “Break” an Intermittent Fast?

A very common and logical question you may ask yourself is – “How can you be in a fasted state after consuming a “Bulletproof...

Jamie Sukroo - 31 Jan 2019

Avoid these “Crack Cocaine” Foods

Everybody has their weakness when it comes to unhealthy food. Mine is salted corn chips and top quality ice cream. I could literally sit...

Jamie Sukroo - 30 Jan 2019

How to be Happy

I’m a late starter to watching the TED talks. I only really discovered them a few weeks ago but am very impressed with the...

Jamie Sukroo - 4 Dec 2018

What to Eat When You Break Your Fast

A common question that many people ask is “What should my first meal be when I come out of my Bulletproof Intermittent Fast?”. If...

Jamie Sukroo - 30 Nov 2018

How to Become a Fat Burning Machine

I realised that the Amazon links to our new larger size Nicaragua (4 bags for the price of 3) were wrong in the last...

Jamie Sukroo - 16 Nov 2018

Consider these 4 Supplements

After seeing the recent Horizon program on Vitamins and Supplements (http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=MARpj&m=nCG4Ew73G6icE4Y&b=S7kXtWuuyiixCRNpj7A5KA) and reading various articles in New Scientist (http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=MARpj&m=nCG4Ew73G6icE4Y&b=0gVGlCHxxNX3F5zDLyvl0A) I’ve changed my tune on...

Jamie Sukroo - 9 Nov 2018

3 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

There have been several stories this week in the UK on the impact of the rising number of patients with Type 2 Diabetes on...

Jamie Sukroo - 3 Nov 2018

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

I just filmed a 4 part video series on brewing the ultimate cafetière coffee: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=MARpj&m=nFNO4Xlhn6icE4Y&b=_dra.s1G4r2261UFGTujdQ

Jamie Sukroo - 27 Oct 2018

Make these 5 simple changes Jamie for better sleep + New PodCast

It might seem funny that somebody who sells coffee is so obsessed with advocating better sleep, but I believe the foundation of any health...

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