The Difference Between Bone Broth Powder & Collagen Powder

Jamie Sukroo - 13 May 2020

The Difference Between Bone Broth Powder & Collagen Powder

A common question I get asked is what is the difference between our Clean & Pure Bone Broth Powder & our Clean & Pure Collagen Powder?

I think this is a great question that deserves answering in this blog post!

Below is a summary of the 3 key differences between the 2 powders:

  1. Source / Extraction Process:
    1. Our Bone Broth Powder is made from slowly simmering Swedish cattle bones over a very low heat to extract all the nutrients from the bones and the marrow. The resulting liquid is then dried to concentrate the nutrients into a more versatile and convenient powder.
    2. Our Collagen Protein Powder is made from soaking, then boiling Swedish Cattle skins (or hides) to extract the concentrated collagen. A natural enzyme is then added to the solution to further break the collagen down into Collagen Peptides so that your body can more readily absorb the collagen. The solution is then dried into concentrated powder form for ease and convenience.
  2. Nutrient Content:
    1. Our Bone Broth Powder contains collagen, and many nutrients including including naturally-occurring chondroitin sulfate (found in bones and cartilage), hyaluronic acid (found in the synovial fluid of joints), nearly 20 other forms of amino acids, plus minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Finally, bone broth also contains alkylglycerols- lipids that have been shown to have powerful immune-supporting properties.
    2. Our Collagen Protein Powder is a concentrated form of bio-available collagen (primarily Collagen Types 1 & 3). Our Collagen protein powder has a different Amino Acid profile to our Bone Broth Powder and does not have the additional nutrients found in our Bone Broth Powder.
  3. Benefits / Usage:
    1. Our Bone Broth Powder is more of an all-inclusive health supplement providing a multitude of nutrients that support gut health, brain health, joint & bone health, and immunity, in addition to strengthening your hair, skin and nails. The jury is out on the bio-availability of the collagen in bone broth but some believe as it’s closer to a whole food source it may still be potent. Our Bone Broth Powder being virtually flavourless is a versatile powder that can be added to any hot or cold liquid.
    2. Collagen Protein Peptides (the form in our Collagen Protein Powder) are more concentrated and bio-available forms of collagen. Research shows that using simple collagen peptides does work for achieving the targeted results of collagen, such as reducing wrinkles and strengthening and thickening your hair, skin, and nails. Collagen peptides can be used in baking to add a chewy, gummy texture to biscuits and also to make homemade gummy collagen sweets (like Gummy Bears).

My personal recommendations:

  • If you can afford it – I would buy both the Collagen Powder and the Bone Broth Powder and take a tablespoon of each daily. Each powder provides a specific benefit and combining the two provides a powerhouse of benefits.
  • If you can only afford one powder it depends on your goals:
    • If you are after a tonic to boost your gut health and your immune system, whilst still adding a little collagen to your diet in a “closer to food form” than I would choose the Bone Broth Powder.
    • If you are more concerned with having smoother, fuller skin, stronger nails, and pain free joints – then I would choose the Collagen Powder.
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