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Onigiri (Rice Ball) with Crab Sticks, Bonito Flakes, and Mayonnaise

Lean Caffeine - 30 Oct 2020

Onigiri (Rice Ball) with Crab Sticks, Bonito Flakes, and Mayonnaise

Ingredients (per Rice Ball snack)

Rice – Approx. 1 Espresso Cup
1 Japanese Crabstick diced
Bonito Flakes – A sprinkling or to your taste
Japanese Mayonnaise (like Kewpie brand) – to your taste
Salt – to your taste
Nori Seaweed – one sheet


Step 1 Put plastic wrap on a plate. Spread the rice on the wrap and add all ingredients apart from the salt.
Step 2 Roll the rice until it’s shaped into a ball.
Step 3 Season your rice ball with salt and wrap it with the nori seaweed.

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