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The Keto Coffee Cocktail (AKA Alcoholic Bulletproof Coffee)

Lean Caffeine - 9 Apr 2020

The Keto Coffee Cocktail (AKA Alcoholic Bulletproof Coffee)


It’s hard to enjoy an alcoholic cocktail whilst on a ketogenic diet as most are above 5g of carbs. The one below only has approximately 1.2g of Carbs and is lovely on a cold night as it’s a hot cocktail that will warm the cockles! It tastes awesome too.


1. Add the following ingredients to your Dualit Milk Frother or Ninja/Nutribullet blender and froth or blend:
a. 75ml of Lean Caffeine Bulletproof Nespresso Capsule coffee (decaf or regular)
b. 25ml (1 shot) of rum (I like Flor De Cana 5yo Rum or Havana Club 3yo)
c. 100ml Coconut Milk
d. 1 Tablespoon of grass-fed butter (Kerrygold) or Ghee.

2. Pour out into a large wine glass or gin glass and enjoy!

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