How to Deal With Your Existing Mycotoxin Exposure

Jamie Sukroo - 25 Sep 2019

How to Deal With Your Existing Mycotoxin Exposure

I mentioned in a previous blog 3 important ways to eliminate or ameliorate your existing Mycotoxin exposure.

The study that details 2 of these methods (and more) appears below:

  1. The first promising supplement is Chlorophyllin. A study in China showed that those subjects who took 100mg of Chlorophyllin prior to each meal showed a 55% reduction in an Aflatoxin biomarker.  This supplement is available on Amazon for £14.79 for over a month’s supply so is relatively cheap.
  2. The next supplement detailed in the study is Green Tea Polyphenols (GTP). This supplement seems to limit the damage caused by Mycotoxins rather than flush them out. This was another stufy carried out in China and it appears 500mg a day of GTP seemed to reduce the oxidative damage caused by Aflatoxins. The company Life Extsnion Europe that makes the Chlorophyllin also does a Mega Green tea extract for around £20 for over a month’s supply. Just be careful with Green Tea Extract as some people have adverse reactions to it. I personally can’t drink green tea as it makes me feel ill!

This study here proposes a final method for dealing with your existing mycotoxin exposure:

  1. The above study posits the theory that a healthy gut microbiome helps to eliminate mycotoxins before they wreak havoc: “…Microbes reside in the gut aid host in the mycotoxin removal process through metabolizing or binding to the mycotoxins…Restoration of gut microbiota balance via intake of probiotics can alleviate the tumorigenic effects…”. So another path to eliminating mycotoxins is by maintaining a healthy gut. There are probiotic products on the market which can restore your gut microbiome. Take a search on Amazon and filter on customer rating to determine the best ones for you.

Summary/Final Words

It’s true that prevention is the best cure. The problem with Mycotoxins is that it is extremely hard to tell whether a processed food contains them without lab testing the product. So if you feel that you have been exposed (or simply as a protection), it may be wise to consider the above 3 methods for dealing with any exposure.


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