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Why all the fuss about Mycotoxins in coffee - wasn't this debunked?

Many scientists consider Aflatoxin B1 (a mycotoxin that can be found in certain foods including coffee) to be “the most potent natural carcinogen known
to man”. The WHO has labelled both Ochratoxin A and Aflatoxin B1 as Carcinogens. It is true that governments test for mycotoxins in foods affected by
them (including coffee) but scientists still don’t agree on a safe lower limit. Additionally coffee is only tested upon entry to the UK. It can then sit in a damp
bonded warehouse until it is drawn upon months later. This can promote the growth of Mycotoxins in the coffee after the initial test.

For more information about Mycotoxins click here.

How do you ensure your coffee is free of Mycotoxins?

We work with the farmers to ensure defective green beans are removed before shipping. Our beans are grown at high altitude and are fully washed
before export. We then store our beans on site at the roastery in temperature controlled conditions. Lastly we dark roast our coffees to remove any
possible traces of Ochratoxin A and to improve flavour.

How can you claim to be the World's Cleanest Coffee?

We not only test for Mycotoxins but also pesticides and heavy metals. No other company we know of tests for all three potential contaminants.

Taste is important when it comes to coffee - will I like your coffee?

We have several reviews on Amazon and all our coffees are 4 stars or higher (our Nicaragua coffees always score highly). Our Swiss Water Decaf
is sublime and scored a Great Taste Award. If you like dark roasted, bold, low acid, chocolate coffees than we’ve got your back! Customers come
to us for the clean credentials but stay for the sublime taste. We are all coffee lovers and drink our own coffees daily.

How do you make a Bulletproof Coffee?

Blend 200ml Lean Caffeine Black Coffee with one tablespoon of C8 MCT Oil and one tablespoon of Butter or Ghee. I use a Dualit milk frother to froth
it or you can use a Nutribullet, Ninja or similar blender. Use this to replace your breakfast as part of an Intermittent fast.

Why do you recommend Intermittent Fasting (IF) - what are the benefits?

IF allows your body to carry out essential maintenance tasks like recycling dead cells, using up old proteins etc. This process is called Autophagy (self eat)
and your body enters this during an Intermittent fast. Autophagy is an essential component to living a long and healthy life.

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What are your Delivery & Return Policies?

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