I thought I’d never be slim for life, but I was wrong

Like so many men and women in their 40s, as I hit the Big 4-0, I thought being overweight was my future. It was depressing. I’d tried everything; the fads, plans, special foods, counseling and more, but nothing worked. Then I discovered something that made sense, was science-backed, didn’t rule my life or rob me of pleasure, but worked. Yeah, it really did; and it still does!

Finally, a diet that fits into your everyday life

I didn’t want to reinvent my life and the thought of being ruled by hard-to-follow rules was simply unacceptable. But I couldn’t keep track of how many times I’d lost the pounds only to put them back on again. I needed something better, and something I could live with. When I found it, the logic and simplicity was inspiring. It gave me hope because it couldn’t have been easier.

Simple to follow, realistic and common sense

If you’re looking for a pill or magic wand that works by doing nothing, I can’t help you. But if you’re willing to make a few basic changes, the results are real and sustainable. It’s not magic, it’s science. And it’s not a gimmick that quickly fades away, it’s an easy lifestyle change that’s relatively painless.

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No Special or Weird Foods

No Broken Promises

Science Backed Results

I really do get it because I really have lived it

I’m a regular person like you, not a doctor or dietician, and not a medical professional. Just a regular person that after a lifetime of searching found the key to weight loss and better health. Today, at 45, I’m leaner and fitter than I was at 30 and it only gets better. I don’t fear the future. Now, having achieved my ideal weight, I have the power to maintain it – for life!

I understand how hard and unfair life can be

My interest in health didn’t begin with battling weight, but when I lost my Dad to dementia in 2018. Fearful I was heading the same way, I set out to improve my health. I’d indulged myself with food most of my life, the impact wasn’t just how I looked but how I felt. Discovering how to lose weight unlocked the path to feeling better, an amazing benefit beyond just weight loss. It’s a sad fact but if you are overweight you do have a higher risk of getting cancer and most other diseases.

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Think beyond what you eat, it’s HOW you eat

This is such amazingly good news, because this diet allows you to eat what you want. The big difference, and this makes all the difference in the world, is how often you eat and how long you eat. Eating lifestyle changes that are very reasonable and easy to make part of your life. What’s different is snacking. Sorry, no snacking between meals!

I’m a true believer because the science is real

Indian doctors have promoted the benefits of healthy eating habits that limit excess insulin that results in surplus glucose. This impacts sugar, and fat, and where fat is stored.

Additionally, numerous studies show clear health benefits of not eating for set periods of time, also known as intermittent fasting (IF). The E2 Diet Plan features both of these scientific principles.

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What People Says
There are no magic beans, no fad and certainly no sins or points. Just science-based advice that really works! Working as a fitness professional I am surrounded by people who are after a quick fix, and E2 does not make any promises. Not only did following Jamie’s plan give me more time, it also gave…

Colette Cooper — Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

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What People Says
It was important to me to find the right kind of eating plan that I could stick to long term, and not be too restricted on how I did it. Mainstream slimming groups were very intimidating for a middle-aged man looking for a simple solution, so for me they were not an option. I was…

David Wright

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What People Says
Having dieted for many years and failing for many years it was getting exhausting being on a constant treadmill of losing weight, getting bored, putting the weight back on and then finding a “new” diet to start the process all over again. Jamie kept it very simple. It is easy to stick to and flexible…

Sara Faruk

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