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Bold Low-Acid Coffee

Zero Pesticides & Mycotoxins

Sustained Energy & Focus

Know What You are Drinking

Coffee can contain mould toxins (mycotoxins) and pesticide residues. These can cause headaches and nausea (coffee crash) and leave you feeling terrible.

At Lean Caffeine our green beans are hand sorted, fully washed, and stored properly. We then dark roast to ensure any residual mycotoxins are removed. To verify this we lab test for both mycotoxins and pesticides. 

Coffee that tastes great & leaves you full of energy & focus.

Three simple steps to a more energised, focused you:



Brew your way or blend with MCT & Butter for a “Bulletproof Coffee”


Savour the rich flavour & stay laser focused & on top of your day

Fall in Love with Coffee Again

Felt alert for hours after drinking without the mental fogginess that you can experience with some coffees

Coffee Lovers, Amazon review 2017

Doesn’t give me the usual headache that I get with other less refined coffee.

Lee Clover, Amazon review 2017

The best coffee I’ve ever had, be it that I’ve bought myself or from a coffee shop. It’s strong, deep and robust in flavour, but has no bitterness

Rob S, Amazon review 2017

I can’t imagine anyone not liking this coffee. It’s the smoothest coffee I have tasted.

SKB, Amazon review 2018

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