About Lean Caffeine

I’m on a crusade to help as many people as possible reach their health and weight loss goals.

Jamie Sukroo — Founder of Lean Caffeine


Ever since my father was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago I’ve sought to learn more about the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors that contribute to this debilitating condition. My initial interest was purely self-focused to find out what I could do to avoid getting dementia later in life. I was obsessed with finding out what I could do now to set myself up for a healthy old age. I’ve since considered it my duty to share this information with others who are interested in living life at its best well into their twilight years. Since my father passed away in February 2018 I have re-doubled these efforts.

Through this journey of discovery, I have found that the factors that reduce your risk of getting dementia also benefit other areas of your life e.g. the ability to stay slim, have more energy and simply living a fuller life free of the niggles that so often plague others.



Practice intermittent fasting


Eat Healthily

Eat a healthy low GI diet when you are not fasting



Engage in high intensity exercise to boost human growth hormone



Do everything in your power to get a good night’s sleep

Our Promise

I formed Lean Caffeine in 2017 to initially help with point 1 above – to sell a clean low acid coffee to provide a boost (when blended with MCT and ghee) in the middle of your fast.

Every product Lean Caffeine sells now and, in the future, will always align with the 4 key areas mentioned above. For example, we will never sell high sugar bars and label them “Paleo Bars” to fool people into believing they are eating healthy when they are taking in more sugar than a can of coke! Equally we will never load products with artificial sugars that mess with your hormones and mess up your sleep, in the name of labelling those products “sugar free”.

I’m on a crusade to help as many people as possible (including you) reach their health and weight loss goals. I believe that if you can help others, and it also benefits the wider society in general, then you have a moral duty to do so.

I am not special in any way. I am just lucky enough to have uncovered some easy to adopt secrets behind weight loss and health. I now want to share these same secrets with you and (via Lean Caffeine) give you the tools to lead a healthy and long life.