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Having dieted for many years and failing for many years it was getting exhausting being on a constant treadmill of losing weight, getting bored, putting the weight back on and then finding a “new” diet to start the process all over again. Jamie kept it very simple. It is easy to stick to and flexible enough that I don’t need to give anything up – or feel awkward in social settings! I feel better than I have done in years.
Sara Faruk
It was important to me to find the right kind of eating plan that I could stick to long term, and not be too restricted on how I did it. Mainstream slimming groups were very intimidating for a middle-aged man looking for a simple solution, so for me they were not an option. I was referred to E2 by a friend who thought it was right up my street, and I haven’t been disappointed. Simplicity is key and having it so, means that I can stick to it. In fact, there is nothing really to stick to as it is just becoming a way of life.
David Wright
The coffee arrived and I have been drinking if for nearly 2 weeks and I wanted to give you some feedback if I may.
I am usually quite useless and don’t give people feedback in their products but I wanted to make an exception as both coffees are absolutely f**king beautiful.
I’ve been drinking mycotoxin free coffee for several years now as I regularly drink Caveman Coffee, with their Blacklisted Coffee being my favourite by far (I also drink their decaff). Unfortunately I have to buy the coffee in direct from them in the US and so my coffee habit has been getting a little expensive, so I stumbled across Lean Caffeine in my hunt to get similar coffee closer to home.
After my first cup of the Nicaragua I was buzzing a lot of the day from a caffeine hit that I had not experienced before – it was a very “clean” feeling and I felt very focused. The coffee also has a wonderful rich but not bitter flavour.
I also can’t say enough good things about your decaf either – the Caveman decaf is also a Swiss water decaf but it lacks the deep flavour of your decaf.
In short – I will definitely be buying both coffee beans again from you and can’t recommend you enough. One question – do you do the decaf in a bigger bag than 227g and do you do the Nicaragua in a bigger bag than 908g?
Had my first cup of coffee today and it was fantastic. Flavour was fantastic. Great addition to trying to eat cleaner to help with my thyroid condition. My husband who is a big coffee drinker really enjoyed it too. As a couple who ran a coffee business a while back we are truly impressed.
Sarah Gaskin
I just wanted to send my compliments for your Lean Caffeine pods – I’ve now ordered bags of 100 pods about five times through Amazon, and I think Lean Caffeine is an exceptional product and everyone who tries it is similarly amazed. Beautiful clean coffee, and I only drink coffee at home now as other normal coffees (even my former favourites) taste awful by comparison! I attach my review on Amazon, feel free to use it as a testimonial. Carry on turning out a truly quality product, Lean caffeine is a joy, I hope your company does really well.
There are no magic beans, no fad and certainly no sins or points. Just science-based advice that really works! Working as a fitness professional I am surrounded by people who are after a quick fix, and E2 does not make any promises. Not only did following Jamie’s plan give me more time, it also gave me more energy. If you are after a diet plan that is simple, effective and gives you more time and energy, as well as shaving those pounds off – E2 is it!
Colette Cooper — Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
I’m delighted I purchased this coffee – it tastes like what they say – very clean and pure. I feel SO much better after drinking this than other coffees, and I have to consider that this is the lack of mould toxins and pesticides in it. No headache or acidity, just required perkiness post coffee. I will definitely buy this from now on, and I am so pleased to have found it, and an extra gold star to the company for the compostable capsules the coffee comes in.
Very Happy Customer!
The best coffee I’ve ever had, be it that I’ve bought myself or from a coffee shop.
Rob S. – Amazon Review

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