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Compostable Nespresso Capsules

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  • COMPOSTABLE NESPRESSO COFFEE CAPSULES – At Lean Caffeine we’ve updated our design & capsule technology, keeping our blends fresh & bold in flavour. Our Coffee Pods are 100% compostable & come in a fully biodegradable pouch, making them a revolutionary environmental product. Enjoy richer, bolder espresso, whilst saving our planet one compostable capsule at a time!
  • SUPER CLEAN MYCOTOXIN FREE COFFEE – We aim to make the cleanest coffee possible, that’s why our premium bulletproof coffee capsules are lab verified; mould toxin (mycotoxin) free. Feel assured when you wake to that fresh hot cuppa, there’s no instant present, only the deepest, delicious low acid keto coffee.
  • COFFEE THAT TANTALISES THE TASTE BUDS – Our coffee beans are sourced sustainably & with a process that enhances the very best sensory qualities. Our beans are 100% high quality Arabica coffee (50/50 Peru & Honduras), not cheap Robusta coffee, leaving no bitter aftertaste, nausea, or headaches & is ideal for a Nespresso Machine. Savour your strong, great-tasting Espresso or Lungo in every single sip!
  • WHEN IT COMES TO COFFEE, FRESH IS BEST – Our new capsules protect your coffee from outside, whilst retaining taste & aroma inside. Packaged in a protective atmosphere for freshness, our beans are roasted in Italy & the pods are hermetically sealed. Take our plastic free coffee capsules to your office & be confident of a clean coffee guaranteed tastier than cafe bought!
  • THE LEAN CAFFEINE PROMISE – We’re a family-run UK business and want you to enjoy our Coffee Capsules absolutely risk-free. Not satisfied? Just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to offer you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

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Ailsa Care
Love the coffee and the convenience of the capsules

Great tasting coffee and so simple to make using the capsules. Having had issues with mould toxicity I love theft it is mycotoxin free. I had a free sample of the decaf ones which also tasted great. I'm hoping that they too will be available to buy soon

Kate Marsh
Absolutely LOVE this coffee

I cannot rate this coffee highly enough. It is the smoothest, tastiest coffee I’ve ever had and it has no bitter aftertaste. This is brought sharply into focus when I stay at my boyfriends and drink the regular coffee pods which now taste quite nasty to me and I can’t drink to the bottom of the cup the way I do with Lean Caffeine coffee. I also can’t shout highly enough about their travel mug, it keeps the coffee warm for hours!

jamie coronna
Thank you for some great and inspired coffee

I have been searching for some clean coffee in the UK for a while so i was so happy to find leancaffeine.co.uk.
The coffee is very good although it would be great to expand its offering which i am sure it will do in time.
The range of capsules is limited too (be nice to start off including a decaf version), again i am sure time will allow.
The certification of no pesticides, mycotoxin or heavy metals is amazing though having just undergone some functional medicine testa and realised how polluted the human body is all from everyday unwitting sources... Thank you Leancaffeine and i hope you can help change the way we buy coffee.
Wishing you every success in spreading the word and making sure we get only the purest best for our body mind and loved ones not forgetting our planet! Thank you

Mike B
Compostable capsules

Nice tasting coffee of good strength on top of the other advertised advantages. Also cheaper than Nespresso if you buy in bulk. Well deserved five stars.

Ticks every box!

Box 1: Healthy for me
Box 2: Healthy for the environment
Box 3: Delicious
Box 4: Good value, especially as I buy 100 capsules at a time.
Box 5: Excellent customer service - good job, Jamie.
Happy bunny.