Ultra Clean Bone Broth

Swedish grass fed beef bone broth powder

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Customer Reviews

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John Austin
A fine product that mixes fine!

This is a good powder that mixes, and dissolved, well in coffee and doesn’t leave a sludge at the bottom of the mug. I think it’s god stuff - apart from the nutritional benefits, I also find that it curbs my appetite and stops me from getting the ‘munchies’ between meals. It is not the first time I have bought this product, and it won’t be the last. (The new 800 g size bag is also a good move.)

Herve Boisson
Great broth base

Excellent base for soups. It dissolves easily in hot water, doesn't form any clumps.
I recommend adding a bit of sea salt so the flavour really comes out.

James Silverman
A bit disappointed

I really do not like the taste of this. I have had bone broth in a liquid form which was much nicer. I may try putting this in soup but really not a fan

Pamela Forbes

I really couldn’t get on with it didn’t like the taste

granny dolan
Utra Clean Bone Broth

I've been taking this product daily for over a year. I began taking it when I had a bout of colitus. A friend recomended bone broth to calm the inflamation down.I was worried about buying products on line so I read about every one I could find before selecting this one. It is the only one guaranteed to be pure and has been tested in the lab in the correct manner. It is a tremendous help with my problem and has helped me to lead a normal life again. I've heard all the moaners saying "It makes coffee cloudy" or "it spoils my tea." If they really were taking this product because it was useful to them they would have used their brains to put it in a latte, I put it in drinking chocolate and at night I put it in horlicks malted milk drink. I have felt 100% better for taking it and I recommend it to anybody looking for a high quality bone broth product.